Well there are so many reasons so I will just keep it short.

When I am sitting in the class, I feel at peace, I feel enthusiastic, I feel ready to take on the outside world because at iStudent, we are a family.

No problem is to big to solve because with the super crew that we have, everything is on point all the time.

Lecturers put their heart and soul into the preparation of amazing lessons and fun class activities and they lead you along the way with a smile.

We as a class feel comfortable with each other and that is all thanks to the amazing staff at iStudent, they take you out of your comfort zone if you like it or not, and I promise you at the end of the day you will thank them.

iStudent is focused on the each and every student’s future and there is always someone who will assist you in tight situations or if you just need someone to talk to.

iStudent is my home, I feel loved, comfortable, open minded and focused on the future.

iStudent paved the way for me !

By Mornay Marais, IT Engineering, JHB 2018