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iStudent Academy has successfully merged the prestigious Microsoft Certifications with South African based and Internationally based curriculum for many years. This means the students graduate from us with not only one qualification, but many, that are accredited internationally! See our courses tab and refer to this Microsoft Certification pyramid for a better understanding of the level of qualification achieved through each course.


Below is a picture of the Microsoft Certification Pyramid. There are 3 levels of Certification through Microsoft – associate, expert and master. Within these levels lie numerous Qualifications specializing in different fields, for example, you can get an MCSA in SQL Database Development, and then further that to get an MCSE in SQL(Expert level). You also get an MCSA in Server 2012, and so on and so forth. For a full list of Microsoft Certification, click this link:  https://www.microsoft.com/en-za/learning/certification-overview.aspx

No more than 24 students per class, to keep to our high standard and individual attention.

Once a student has registered for a course, their space in the class is guaranteed. If you register late, we may not have space left and you will be put on a waiting list. Register early to avoid disappointment!

An application is done so that the institution can confirm that you meet the entrance requirements for the stipulated course, and if you do not, so that we can offer you Career Guidance. Registration is when you make a payment of Registration fee to secure your place in the class for the academic year. After registration, your space in the class is guaranteed.

For 1 Year Programmes, the Registration fee is R850.00

For 2 Year Programmes, the Registration fee is R1000.00

This fee is payable once off, and is non-refundable should you no longer wish to have your seat in the class.

You can apply online for free. You need only pay when you Register for the course.

You can download a copy of Fees Structure by clicking here.

You can also fill in an online application, or use the contact form on our “Contact Us” page, and a Career Consultant will personally email you all of this fee information, including registration fee, payments terms etc.

There is a rumor that the I.T industry is flooded, and therefore there are no jobs. This is a misconception. I.T is still one of South Africa’s scarce skills! See here:


The reason that graduates are battling to find jobs in the I.T industry, is because of the lack of practical application in their studies, the outdated curriculums, the speed at which technologies move and the inability for institutions to keep up, for various reasons. There are many other reasons graduates battle to find work, but these stand out for us. Students are therefore graduating with skills that they either cannot practically implement, or that are outdated already. That is where our Microsoft accreditation helps us, as we are exposed to the latest available technologies before even the public, giving our students a real practical working knowledge of current products.


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